The Portland Police Reserve Officer’s Foundation was formed in 2011 in response to help solve long-standing funding gaps that impact volunteer officers. 

An everyday example can often tell the story best.  After working an entire 10 hour shift in downtown Portland and spending their free time away from family and friends to protect the citizens of Portland, reserve officers often find themselves leaving a parking garage and paying ten dollars in parking fees.  The Portland Police Reserve Officer’s Foundation was founded to defer these sometimes simple but burdensome costs.

Or, a reserve officer makes an arrest and gets subpoenaed to court.  They give up valuable compensation or vacation time from their regular employment to ensure the court process gets completed.  Our foundation was formed to ensure if reserve officers are making this kind of commitment, that we can support some of their obvious needs and training requirements.

Today, uncompensated reserve officers must purchase many essential uniform items and safety equipment out of their own funds.  These items may include supplementary training, new uniforms, outer vests, winter coats, parking and gas costs, carrying bags, hats, and gloves.  Each year, as criminal and municipal laws change, reserve officers must purchase their updated peace officer resource booklets to keep up on these ever changing laws.  Our foundation will help these community minded individuals get supported in every way possible as they often risk their own well being for the citizens of Portland.



Portland Police Reserve Officers Foundation